Sunset behind the fog

sunset on the Pacific Ocean with stripes of clouds and fog at the horizon
Brushstrokes of clouds and a hotspot where the sun glided behind the fog

The fog at the horizon is ready to swarm ashore.
It tarries and I steal some time with the cloud-marbled sky.

after sunset on the Pacific Ocean with stripes of clouds and fog at the horizon
All that was white turned orange

The sun dips below the west with a fiery sigh.
The fog will soon erase colors and shapes.

But not yet.
Blue and orange still rule:
will only abdicate to the night.

Gondole waiting

Parked gondole waiting for prospective passengers
The gondola promises a royal treatment for the duration of the tour,
the only boat that can make such promise.

It’s not the brocaded seat that attracts me,
but the long oar and its fulcrum, the forcola.

I have no desire to sit.
I want to stand and row.

A sliver of moon

a sliver of moon in the western sky
The quiet beauty of an ordinary evening along the Northern California coast:
the ocean barely rippling,
strands of fog gingerly approaching,
a sliver of moon hanging in the pale sky.
It will soon bathe in the pewter water as darkness sets in.

The view from the pier

Pirates Point pier
looking ahead

Scattered clouds dot the pastel evening sky.
The sun’s last rays paint a light glimmer on the rippling sea.

summer sunset storm from Little Cayman
looking behind

Behind me, I hear rumbling and see rain.

blue highway in the sky
blue highway in the sky

I choose to look at the sea.
The sky reassures me: “There is a way.”