Clouds at sunset

Clouds lit by the last rays of light
Clouds lit by the last rays of light

Low clouds hush the ocean.
In the space between the two, the day’s coda blazes lavishly, like the last firework.
Slate gray silence follows.

A wisp of rainbow

A wisp of rainbow at sunset (Big Island of Hawaii)
A wisp of rainbow

Parting thought of the setting sun.

(Observed from a viewing area close to the Mauna Kea Visitor Information Station, Big Island of Hawai’i)

To the left of the setting sun

Clouds and sky immediately to the left of the setting sun
Immediately to the left of the setting sun

The setting sun grabs the eyes.
I look at the brightest object in the sky.
But it blinds me to the beauty that is next to it.

I move my head slightly to the left and the sun exits my field of view.
I see the dramatic clouds, the paling sky and the unruffled ocean.

Clouds and sky to the left of the setting sun
A little further to the left of the setting sun