The view from the pier

Pirates Point pier
looking ahead

Scattered clouds dot the pastel evening sky.
The sun’s last rays paint a light glimmer on the rippling sea.

summer sunset storm from Little Cayman
looking behind

Behind me, I hear rumbling and see rain.

blue highway in the sky
blue highway in the sky

I choose to look at the sea.
The sky reassures me: “There is a way.”

Sea and sky

Little Cayman: the Sound
Blue and green reverberate inside me.

A slice of Little Cayman from a boat
I close my eyes and I think blue — sky blue and water blue.

Little Cayman seen from a boat
I open my eyes and I remember green.

I will hold this gift of colors close to my heart until I see you again, Little Cayman.

Amazing grays

The tale of the vanished horizon
The tale of the vanished horizon

In the morning, the sky melts into the ocean and the ocean vaporizes up to the sky.
The horizon has vanished.
A minimalist gray palette.

A break in the clouds
A break in the clouds

In the evening, a blade of pale blue brings back the boundary.
Sunlight floods the horizon.
A rich gray palette.

Walking among the redwoods

Plants growing on a fallen redwood
Hanging garden

A fallen redwood becomes the substrate for new growth: moss, fern, redwood sorrel, trees.


A redwood's root reaches for the ground
Reaching for the ground

A young redwood growing on the root end of the trunk of a fallen one has stretched its root like an arm to reach the ground.

My awed silence pays homage to nature’s resilience.


To the left of the setting sun

Clouds and sky immediately to the left of the setting sun
Immediately to the left of the setting sun

The setting sun grabs the eyes.
I look at the brightest object in the sky.
But it blinds me to the beauty that is next to it.

I move my head slightly to the left and the sun exits my field of view.
I see the dramatic clouds, the paling sky and the unruffled ocean.

Clouds and sky to the left of the setting sun
A little further to the left of the setting sun